The Pumpkin Pickers

Our Mission

We strive to deliver healthy food to our local community in a regenerative and sustainable manner with minimal external inputs to the land. We work with nature to grow quality produce and raise livestock in a way that respects the “animalness” of the animals. Our goal is to satisfy your desire for health and well being through the food you and your family eat.

Meet the Owners…

We are the Tumey Family. We moved to Tennessee in 2020 during the global pandemic to start our small family farm. It has always been a family tradition of ours to visit farms seasonally whether it be for strawberry picking, apple picking, pumpkin picking, or Christmas tree chopping! We just can’t get enough of being outside and teaching our children all there is to learn about nature. Given we are new farmers, we definitely have ALOT to learn and look forward to learning together as a family and through the community as we start to get rooted.

Our name means quite a bit to us – first of all it’s a play on words with our last name Tumey (pronounced “To Me”) but also highlights getting back to a simple way of life where hard work is valued, community is family, and teaching our children how to be self sustainable.

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